Here’s what you Need to Know about Online Marketing for Restaurants

Can Hungry Customers Find your Business Today? See our Infographic: Restaurants Dominate the Local Search and Mobile Landscape The way consumers are looking for and locating restaurants has changed dramatically over the years. What once was an arena dominated by Yellow Pages and brochures, is now won over by smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Today, […]

Responsive Web Design Services Make Your Website Mobile and Customer Friendly

Responsive Web Design: Prevent Potential Sales Loss with a Mobile Friendly Website Many business owners today tend to ignore the importance of having a mobile friendly or “responsive” website. Without realising it, they may be losing prospective leads and sales because their website is not designed to load properly on mobile devices such as laptops, […]

Brand Marketing Agency Offers Effective Marketing for Plastic Surgeons


(April 17, 2015) – Brand Marketing Zone Ltd., a leading brand marketing agency, has launched its marketing package for plastic surgeons. Through this, the firm will provide effective online marketing solutions for cosmetic surgeons. The rationale behind the agency’s decision to launch the product is the ever-increasing demand for cosmetic surgery procedures. As people actively […]

The Google Mobile Optimization Update: Do not Lose your Mobile Traffic!

Google is dead serious about making the online world mobile-friendly, and is prepared to destroy your search rankings to prove it. When Google’s Mobile Optimization Update rolls out on April 21, 2015, any website that is not properly configured for mobile devices will disappear from Google’s mobile search results. Two Important Changes to Google’s Algorithm On February 26, […]

Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons: Give your Cosmetic Surgery Practice a New Face


We haven’t found the fountain of youth, but the closest thing we have is cosmetic surgery. If the selfies on social media say anything, it’s that people want to literally put their best face forward. And there are some who take the extra step. People Use Search Engines to Find Cosmetic Surgeons When people were […]

10 Website Improvements That Start with Web Audit Report & Result in Better SEO & User Experience [Infographic]

A website audit report thoroughly checks your website so you’re certain that it’s SEO-friendly and gives visitors and potential customers a great user experience. Better SEO means your website is more visible to your prospects. It means they can find it faster and easier than your competitors’ websites. A great user experience means visitors will […]

Go for Mobile Responsive Web Design [Infographic]:

Getting More Leads and Sales, Not Just Fancy Cosmetic Redesign Implementing responsive web design means opening up your online storefront to mobile visitors, effectively increasing your chances of getting more leads and sales through your site. While it may come as a mere fancy redesign to some business owners, you should realize that this change […]

Marketing for your Cosmetic Surgery Practice in the Age of Selfies

Before the widespread introduction of digital technology, most cosmetic surgeons’ marketing efforts consisted of adding listings to the yellow pages, placing ads in newspapers, and buying spots on local radio stations.  But of course, times have changed.  Nowadays, cosmetic surgeons need to stay connected to the Internet and harness the power of online marketing to […]