Is your Digital Marketing Strategy Aligned with your Business Goals?


Nearly half of businesses (44%) don’t have a clearly defined marketing strategy. For firms that are active in digital marketing, nearly half do not have a defined digital plan or strategy (47%). No wonder many small businesses are struggling to understand why their online marketing campaigns aren’t delivering an ROI. Successful businesses that are running […]

Are You Wasting Money? What is Your Customer Acquisition Cost?


Your Customer Acquisition Cost or CAC is the total cost spent on acquiring new customers (marketing/sales expense) divided by the number of new customers acquired during that particular period. If you invested $1000 in marketing/sales in a one month period and acquired 10 new customers as a direct result of that marketing and promotion, then […]

Get More Customers! Make Sure your Website is Mapped Out Along the Customer’s Journey


Your Customer’s Journey goes through these stages: Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. There’s no telling how long they stay in one stage before jumping to the next. Sometimes the progress takes months, and others the jump is almost immediate. Many websites concentrate on the ‘Awareness’ and ‘Interest’ stage without signals toward a purchase while others […]