How to Leverage Digital Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Your Business


Many businesses seem not to be taking advantage of online word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, some businesses don’t understand how it can be leveraged so that they can take advantage of the huge rewards it brings. One thing to remember when it comes to word-of-mouth is that friends and family will believe what they hear from […]

Only 36% of Organizations Use Advanced Marketing Tools and Practices. Are you One of Them?


A Harvard Business Review Survey found that only 36% of organizations use some advanced tools and practices, but they are mostly underutilized or disconnected. And that only 15% of companies use advanced marketing tools, analytics, and practices widely for more effective marketing and sales efforts. Are you in the 15%, or are you having trouble […]

2 Simple Digital Marketing Success Stories You Can Copy


Dacia and Facebook Dacia is one of Europe’s fastest growing car brands. The Goal: Their aim was to grow their brand and to generate more leads. The Result: 60,000 extra cars sold in the last three years. That’s a huge success! How did they do it? 1. They decided to use social media. 2. They […]

To Hire or Not to Hire a Full-time Marketing Director?


To get your digital marketing performing at its optimum, you would need a Marketing Director to oversee the strategy and implementation. However, a Marketing Director would cost you $11,000 to $11,500 a month. This is a huge cost to deal with for most small business owners like you. As with any HR activity, there is […]

Get Customer Reviews and Rev up your Revenue


Online reviews are crucial to managing your reputation, gaining trust and building confidence. Trust is a key element to gaining and maintaining customers. Do you remember asking for a friend’s opinion about a product before deciding to buy? Didn’t you become more excited after hearing encouraging feedback? That’s exactly how online reviews work. Let’s take […]

12 Ways to Promote Your Business in 140 Characters or Less


Over 2 billion people in the world are connected through social media, with 20% of the world’s internet users having an active Twitter account. Twitter is a great platform to boost your business. We at Brand Marketing Zone are equipped with the knowledge and resources to help you reach your customers through Twitter. Here are […]