Marketing for Cosmetic Surgeons: Give your Cosmetic Surgery Practice a New Face


We haven’t found the fountain of youth, but the closest thing we have is cosmetic surgery. If the selfies on social media say anything, it’s that people want to literally put their best face forward. And there are some who take the extra step. People Use Search Engines to Find Cosmetic Surgeons When people were […]

Marketing for your Cosmetic Surgery Practice in the Age of Selfies

Before the widespread introduction of digital technology, most cosmetic surgeons’ marketing efforts consisted of adding listings to the yellow pages, placing ads in newspapers, and buying spots on local radio stations.  But of course, times have changed.  Nowadays, cosmetic surgeons need to stay connected to the Internet and harness the power of online marketing to […]

Why do you Need Online Marketing for your Cosmetic Surgery Practice? [Infographic]

According to a study made by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), people have been so conscious about how they look that one in three surgeons surveyed saw a huge increase in the number of cosmetic procedure requests.  This is said to be caused by the pressure of looking ‘beautiful’ in […]