UK Brand Marketing Company Releases a New Product “Video Marketing”

United Kingdom (8 January, 2016) – Brand Marketing Zone Ltd., a well-known advertising and marketing firm across the U.K. releases a new video marketing product. According to a study conducted by Cisco, video content will make up almost 70 per cent of all global consumer internet traffic by 2017. Coincidentally, comScore reports that an estimated […]

Brand Marketing Zone Launches “Marketing for Veterinarians” Product

Brand Marketing Zone, Ltd. launches a new product called “Marketing for Veterinarians”. This offering is designed to help veterinarians who are otherwise too busy managing their practices to effectively reach their target clients. According the Wolters Kluwer Health survey, 57 percent of consumers rely on the internet to find answers to their medical queries. With […]

Brand Marketing Zone Offers New Service “Marketing for Chiropractors”

United Kingdom (9 September 2015) – Premier SEO services provider Brand Marketing Zone Ltd. launches a new product called “Marketing for Chiropractors”. According to the Capterra Medical Software Blog, 66 percent of chiropractors find new patients through their websites. It only makes sense, therefore, that practitioners invest in a good online marketing solution to resolve […]

UK Brand Marketing Firm Offers “Marketing for Accountants” PPC Product

United Kingdom (August 10, 2015) – The accounting industry is a highly competitive marketplace, and an increasing number of individuals and businesses are searching for their services online. As such, marketers for accountants would have to expand their brand marketing tactics beyond traditional referral activities. In line with this, Brand Marketing Zone, a leading digital […]

Online Brand Marketing Company Offers New Product for Dental Practices

United Kingdom (July 20, 2015) – Brand Marketing Zone Ltd., a premier online brand marketing company known throughout the U.K., has added a new service called “Marketing for Dentists”. This new product is aimed at helping dental practices build their brands and increase their online visibility. According to a study conducted by Sesame Communications, 93 […]

Brand Marketing Agency Offers Wi-Fi Marketing Service for Businesses

United Kingdom (June 22, 2015) – Renowned brand marketing company Brand Marketing Zone, Ltd. is offering a new service called “Social Wi-Fi Marketing” for businesses in virtually every industry, including restaurants, casinos, airports, movie theatres, retail stores, hotels, and more. With this new service, businesses can turn their free internet access into one of their […]

Online Brand Marketing Company Helps Restaurants Draw More Customers

United Kingdom (May 18, 2015) – Brand Marketing Zone, Ltd, an online brand marketing company helps restaurants attract more customers by taking advantage of the boost in mobile searches. More than any other industry, restaurants are the most searched on mobile devices, getting a nearly 90% conversion rate with most of this number converting within […]

Brand Marketing Agency Offers Effective Marketing for Plastic Surgeons


(April 17, 2015) – Brand Marketing Zone Ltd., a leading brand marketing agency, has launched its marketing package for plastic surgeons. Through this, the firm will provide effective online marketing solutions for cosmetic surgeons. The rationale behind the agency’s decision to launch the product is the ever-increasing demand for cosmetic surgery procedures. As people actively […]

Brand Marketing Company Releases New Product Called Brand Establisher


(February 18, 2015) – Renowned brand marketing company Brand Marketing Zone Ltd. is proud to announce the release of its newest offering: Brand Establisher. The product is offered in packages and provides businesses the opportunity to secure and establish their brands on the Internet using social media, blogs, and local directory profiles. With this new […]